How Our Keyword Research Service Works


Send Us Your Chosen Topics

To get started, simply provide us with your chosen keyword topics, domain name, target country, and any keywords or phrases you would like to exclude. We’ll then research these terms along with relevant related terms.


We’ll Look At The Data That Matters

We’ll report on the average search volumes for each keyword, the keyword difficulty, Cost Per Click (CPC) for Google Ads, available SERP features, search intent, and where you currently rank in Google.


View Your Keyword Research Report

We’ll organise the data into an actionable report to help you prioritise which terms you should focus on to get the quickest results. Once complete, simply log into your dashboard to download the report when you need it.

Keyword Research Benefits

White Label

Each keyword research report will be 100% white label so you can pass it straight on to your clients.

Search Intent

We include the intent for each keyword to help you predict what the user is trying to achieve with their search.


We provide recommended actions for each keyword to help you prioritize search terms for the quickest results.

Trusted Data

We use Ahrefs (the worlds largest index) to find keyword opportunities related to your chosen topics.


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