How Our PR Campaign Service Works


Easy To Order

It’s easy to use our digital PR campaign service for your clients. All we need is your website URL, the name of the company, and the name of the company spokesperson.


We’ll Create A Story

We’ll then craft a compelling campaign using an original data study or expert commentary to secure coverage across premium outlets. Stories will be tailored to the client link with relevant stats, quotes, and news angles.


View Your Coverage

After the PR campaign is complete we’ll deliver awhite label reportthat shows all the stories we created, and the links we secured. We’ll also include the DR and traffic of every link.

Digital PR Campaign Benefits

Unique PR Campaigns

We’ll create unique PR campaigns designed to get relevant, high-impact coverage.

100% White Label

Get a white label report on each pitch and story, plus the links secured.

Guaranteed Links

We guarantee a minimum number of successful links with every campaign.

High-Impact Coverage

Secure high-impact links from respected and authoritative news sites.


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