How Niche Edits Work


The Outreach Stage

You’ll provide the anchor text and the target URLs. Our outreach team will then scour the web for blog posts, evaluating suitable opportunities and contacting the website owners to negotiate adding value to their posts.2

The Content Stage

We have a remarkable copywriting team and it’ll be their job to enhance these posts by crafting some additional content to add value to the blog post and incorporate your link naturally within the flow of that content.3

View Your Placements

You’ll get to see every single niche edit placement as we secure it, live from within your dashboard. We’ll show you a snapshot of the full Domain Authority metrics as it was placed and you can export an unbranded CSV for white labelling.

The Benefits of Niche Edits

Genuine Outreach

We secure niche edits on sites we’ve genuinely outreached to.

In-Content Links

Links are incorporated editorially within the flow of the value added content.

Magazine Quality

100% unique and high-quality content from our own copywriters.

No Duplicate Links

We’ve hooked up with Ahrefs API to avoid duplicate link placements.


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